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Being arrested is a frightening and overwhelming experience, and often an individual’s first brush with the legal system. If you’re facing charges that leave you feeling overwhelmed and hopeless, don’t worry. We’re here to help by providing you with upfront, clear answers and unparalleled defense. Remember: Just because you have been accused of a crime does not mean you’re a criminal, and especially does not mean your case is hopeless or unworthy of defending. We are ready to protect you.

Clear Communication Makes a Difference. David offers competitive representation fees, and all fee agreements are in writing, so there is a clear understanding regarding the fee arrangement. David understands that communication between a client and their attorney is essential. When you call our law office, he will be available to answer your questions personally.

Practice Areas


Driving while intoxicated can have long-term consequences for your life; David has the experience with DWI charges to help you achieve the best outcome.

Drug charges

David has a long record of successfully representing those facing drug charges, with many cases resulting in dismissal of charges. If you’re facing drug charges, you can find hope with the Law Office of David Reed.

Domestic & Family violence

David is considered an expert in this practice area, having successfully represented hundreds of clients with domestic violence charges. No matter what you’ve been charged with, your case is in good hands with our law office.


Assault is often charged against people who do not deserve it. David handles many assault charges, making him uniquely able to represent you.

Juvenile defense

When defending juveniles, David is consistently fighting to protect their future; we approach these cases with the value of that future in mind, fighting for your right to life and liberty.

Weapon charges

Often an add-on to other charges, weapon charges have a high chance of being dismissed when the original charge is disposed of. Trust David’s experience to help lead you to the best outcome.


Theft charges can often be lowered from a felony to a misdemeanor. David has had great success in this area many times, making him equipped to handle your case effectively.


Facing burglary charges can be intimidating because of the harsh punishment ranges. Trust David’s extensive experience in this area to achieve the best outcome for your case.


If you’re facing murder charges, your life and liberty are on the line. Remember, you deserve an excellent and dedicated defense — David is committed to providing just that.