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Edible and Vape Pens are More Illegal than you Think

In Texas, the amount of marijuana you have is weighed, and anything less than 2 ounces is a Class B Misdemeanor. In my experience, in Austin, these cases are usually dismissed without any criminal conviction. Compare that to being caught with a THC vape pen or edibles, which is immediately a felony. Even having a Vape pen that only has residue in it, results in a felony charge. Here is the kicker, the entire amount of edibles whether it is a bag of candy, candles, or chocolates, will be weighed- not just the amount of THC extract used in making the product. For example:

Also, Texas police have been known to vigilantly search people returning from marijuana legal states. Driving or flying back with something from Denver or any other recreationally legal state is a very bad idea. 

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